You need CAL FIRE Local 2881 representation when:

You are served with an adverse action. 

You’ve been called to an interview regarding your misconduct. 

An interview has been scheduled to discuss your knowledge of someone else’s misconduct. 

Questioning, even from a corrective interview, might lead to adverse action. 

You have been terminated “with cause” from a position. 

You are injured en route to, while assigned or returning from an incident. 

You have been denied EIDL while injured on an incident. 

You have been off work due to an injury or illness (work related or not) and are running out of leave credits (catastrophic time bank). 

Your spouse/child/etc. is ill and you are denied leave to take care of them (FMLA). 

You adopt a child, you or your spouse gives birth, or a foster child is placed with your family and you are denied time off (FMLA). 

You fail probation. 

Your vacation request has been denied. 

Your have approved vacation usage that is revoked after it was approved. 

Your expense claim comes back to you because you charged more than $18.00 for meals while traveling to, on, or returning from an incident. 

Your overtime pay is late. 

Your travel expense claim is late. 

You observe a violation of the BU8 contract. 

T-shirts are not allowed at your station. 

Your working conditions have changed from what has occurred in the past. 

You note violations of Cal-Fire policy that affect working conditions. 

You are harassed by a supervisor because you have filed a grievance or approached the union for help in any matter. 

You are involved in an accident while on duty in a state vehicle. 

You are offered overtime on an “hours worked” basis when “scheduled hours” have been used in the past. 

You are scheduled to be interview by an Accident Investigation Team. 

You are looking for a Worker’s Comp Attorney. 

When you have more than two shift patterns in a work period. 

When you are asked to produce a doctors excuse. 

When you have been given discourteous treatment by a fellow employee or supervisor as defined by Gov. Code Sec. 19572 section (m) (13). 

Your hours of work are not as outlined in the MOU. 

These are just a few reasons to us a call. We are available 24/7.

It is your obligation to yourself that if you have questions about your job, that affect your job, that you ask questions and get answers. We are here to assist you with those answers, work with management to make our work place a professional and fun enviorment, and to help protect our MOU. If you have questions or issues, please contact us.

- Danny Ciecek, Chapter Rank and File Director
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